Who Am I?

I can’t even answer that question well because I’m still figuring that out. Nonetheless, I’ll share what I’ve discovered so far.

13237612_10208544297901614_3209921134344899507_nFirst of all, G.J. Alvi is a pseudonym. You can try looking me up, but you probably won’t get anywhere (or you may, it’s not like I’m hiding from the federal government or anything). I’m a twenty-something year old who is currently a psychology major with a minor in anthropology. Why? Because I enjoy getting to know what makes people tick. Especially coming from a multicultural country such as Trinidad and Tobago.

In my free time I watch way too much tv, read too many books, listen to way too much music and write way too little (something that I hope to remedy in 2015). I’m currently working on a number of short stories of various genres. I’m still unclear how I will be releasing these but I do want to release them at some point.

One of my goals in life is to put my education in psychology and anthropology to use and change the world. I’m not exactly sure how, but it’s a work in progress. Another is to bring the Trinidadian culture and folklore to more of a global audience through my stories.

I’d like to think I’m an approachable person so feel free to talk to me! I can be reached through the methods listed below:

email: allthereads@gmail.com

twitter: @gjalvi

goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/gjalvi

(last updated: January 2017)

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