6 Months Later…

It’s been 84 years…

No. It hasn’t really been eighty-four years but it sure has felt that long since I’ve written a blog post.

Hi everyone! How have you been? I’ve been surviving. The past year or so since I’ve returned home has been tumultuous to say the least. Readjusting to Caribbean life took more out of me than expected and it resulted in a few weeks of low mood and motivation. Even with the changeover to 2017 I’ve been having trouble getting back on my feet.

Currently, I’m back in the US working on a summer internship but I return home in late August. I’ve been here for about two weeks and read a total of a single chapter. Because my mood has been so unreliable I’ve decided to officially close this blog. I’m still unsure whether it will remain closed permanently or not, but for now feel free to follow me on Twitter @gjalvi for any thoughts on what I’m currently reading. Be warned, activity over there is pretty sporadic as well.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to read something I’d written be it a review, a tag, or just a post about something else. It was nice interacting with everyone who left a comment.

See you soon…?

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