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With Pokemon GO’s release a month ago the world is currently obsessed with catching them all. But what about Pokemon’s “rival”, Digimon? The two franchises have been competing with each other since their debut in the 90’s and it definitely seems that Pokemon has made a bigger impact in the West. But there are still a lot of us Digimon fans around as well. And we’re back out with the release of Digimon Adventure Tri, the direct sequel to Digimon Adventure 02 that premiered in 2000.


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The original Digimon seasons featured Crests that highlighted the main trait within each of the DigiDestined and gave them the ability to Digivolve past their limits. And that’s where the tag will focus. I came up with the idea for this as a kind of call-to-arms for my fellow Digimon fans within the book community. We may not have Digimon GO (yet…?) but that doesn’t mean our love for the franchise has faded nor have we.

Also, I found this video from Books All Over You but I can’t speak Portuguese to translate his prompts. So I’m not too sure how original this tag is. Either way, check out his video! (And if any Portuguese speakers want to let me know how much my tag has in common with his it would be greatly appreciated).


Img taken from ladybanigaru.storenvy.com

Crest of Courage − your favourite protagonist or your favourite hot-blooded character

Ellen Stephenson, The Warrior Heir // Cinda Williams Chima

I really enjoyed Ellen in The Heir Chronicles. She was a great character and it was a pity how much she was underutilised in the first three books. I believe she’s in the fourth book but I haven’t read it yet and I can only hope that she’s treated better as a character. Her only real storyline was in The Warrior Heir and even then she was only really in the end of the book. Have no fear Ellen, I still love you.

Crest of Friendship − your favourite relationship between characters that is not romantic in nature (can be friend or family)

Tess & Ivy, The Fixer // Jennifer Lynn Barnes

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about Jennifer Lynn Barnes then you know how highly I think of her characters. She writes amazingly complex characters that I love. And that’s no different for Tess and Ivy in the The Fixer. I did write a full review for this book where I talked about their relationship so I’ll just link it here.

Crest of Love − your favourite romance, OTP, or ship

Jesper x Wylan, Six of Crows // Leigh Bardugo

I only just finished Six of Crows this week but I’m already hard at work on the review. And while I didn’t love the book like a lot of people did I ship Jesper and Wylan so hard. I think their personalities mesh well together and I was excited to read their POV chapters whenever they came up. I’m still on the fence about Crooked Kingdom but I may read it just to see what happens to these two.

Crest of Sincerity − a character that felt so real/fleshed out; can also be interpreted as best character development

Sophie & Agatha, The School for Good and Evil // Soman Chainani

Similar to the previous prompt, I really enjoyed Agatha and Sophie as characters. They were so real, and quite dark at times, that I forgot SGE was a middle grade book. There was no such thing as a pure princess or evil witch in this story. Everyone was as grey as possible and that, to me, is reality.

Crest of Knowledge − your favourite non-fiction read/ non-fiction you want to read

Boy Erased // Garrard Conley

I haven’t read Boy Erased yet but I really, really want to. The memoir focuses on the author’s time at an ex-gay camp, essentially somewhere where the goal is to ‘cure’ homosexuality. It just sounds like it’s going to make me feel a lot of things and I want it.

Crest of Reliability − a character you would trust with your life

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter // J.K. Rowling

This prompt really had me thinking because well, there aren’t a lot of book characters that I would trust with my life. My first thought was Kaz Brekker (SOC) because he’s an excellent planner. But at the same time my life doesn’t mean as much to him as his money does so that’s out the window. Then I thought of Kelsier (Mistborn) because he is, in my opinion, Kaz’s superior in every way. And while he’s ruthless like Kaz is, he can be pretty risky.

Then I thought of Hermione and I felt the lightbulb in my head go off. Hermione is the definition of a ride or die. She would put equal effort into making sure I do my homework and blog posts each week and then lace up her boots, grab her wand, and fight the Dark Lord. Get you a girl who can do both. Get Hermione.

Crest of Hope − a series with a book that was lackluster but you still had/have hope for redemption

Snow Like Ashes // Sara Raasch

When I read Snow Like Ashes in December 2014, I thought it was slow and the romance and love triangle just overshadowed all of the things it had going for it. However, I was completely in love with the world. So much so that I still bought the sequel and went to see Sara Raasch at a book festival last year and got it signed. And now I’m even thinking of rereading it. That’s how much hope this world is giving me for this series.

Crest of Light − a character who is so pure that they can’t be made of anything but light

Emmet, Carry the Ocean // Heidi Cullinan

Emmet is a cinnamon roll. That’s it. He’s a nineteen year old, gay autistic boy and he’s just perfect. His ‘disability’ gives him a whole new perspective on how to see and appreciate the world and he was such a rock for our second protagonist Jeremey. If there is anyone, anyone, who can think of a bad thing to say about Emmet I only have one thing to say to you: fight me (ง •̀_•́)ง

The Digidestined − tag a few people you would want to be trapped in the Digital World with

Aimal @ Aimal Farooq, Joey @ Another Afterthought, Cat @ Catshelf, Sara @ Freadom Library, Abby @ AWreads, Reagan @ Reagan Reads, and Jen @ The Bookavid


And that’s the end! I would love to see what everyone’s responses are to this tag so leave a link to your responses in the comments or tweet them to me @bookmanIII

Digimon is a product created by and belonging to Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation, WiZ Media, and Bandai.

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5 thoughts on “Digimon Book Tag [Original?]

  1. Cátia says:

    I need this in my life. I would be on board for a Digimon Go. I might love Pokemon Go but growing up Digimons were my favorite and I’ve been telling from the beginning that someone needs to go a Digimon Go.
    I’m a portuguese speaker so I can translate the tag you found. He basically choose characters that would be similar to the Digimon characters and that would have the main traits. For example, with Tai and courage he choose a courageous characters. He also has an extra question about the Digivelution where he would choose one of the previous categories and give a second answer. I would say your tag is original because you have some different promps from him 😀


    • gjalvi says:

      Thank you so much! And I totally agree with you! I liked Digimon a bit more than Pokemon because they dealt with darker themes in the anime (especially the Tamers season). I would love to see your responses to the tag 😀


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