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I saw Sara @ Freadom Library do this a few days ago and I’m always a fan of feeding my narcissism and talking about myself, so I’m going to do this as well. I also think it would be beneficial for people to get to know me a little better since I don’t really talk about myself much on here (on Twitter it’s a bit different).


Name: Gervan (pronounced like Jer-van)

Nickname(s): Gerv, Gervy(ie), G, Snips (this one has a bit of a story attached to it, feel free to ask about it in the comments)

Birthday: September 16, 1993

Star Sign: Virgo, and proud of it.

Occupation: full-time university student


Hair colour: black but I would like to dye it someday. My friends are always begging me to dye it grey.

Hair length: I think it’s long but it’s probably a few inches long

Eye colour: brown and loving it

Best feature: I really like my eyes. Romanticise brown eyes, people. Blue, green, and other light coloured eyes aren’t the only amazing eye colours.

Braces: this is an odd one — yes

Piercings: no, I’m not a fan of piercings

Tattoos: No. I would like a couple smaller ones but who knows? I may stay blank

Right or left: I’m assuming this has to do with handedness — right


Real holiday: July-August 1998 to the US

Best friend: Vaughn — such a cinnamon roll

Award: the first award I remember getting was in my first year of secondary school (2005) for performing the best on the Literature final

Sport: I wasn’t a very big sportsman and I still am not. I did do a sports camp when I was a kid and I had the most fun/did the best in three sports: tennis, gymnastics and judo

Concert: I’ve never been to a concert


Film: I don’t have one

TV show: I don’t have one

Colour: blue. I’m also quite fond of yellow and orange, especially when paired with black

Song: Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya has been my jam since its initial release in February this year

Restaurant: Arlon’s Carry Out in Towson, MD. Honestly I have probably spent the most money there buying chicken vindaloo in the past year than is societally acceptable.

Shop: I don’t have one

Book(s): here you go

Shoe(s): I don’t like shoes. Honestly, I grew up and live on an island. Shoes aren’t a thing to me.


Feeling: a little reflective?

Single or Taken: single

Eating: nothing. This is never an acceptable answer tbh.

Thinking about: “do I really like this song or should I remove it from my library?”

Watching: The Bachelorette (it’s amazing)

Wearing: too many clothes to be in bed with, but I’m at a friend’s house right now so I have to follow social protocols


Do you want children: I don’t know? I don’t like them now but maybe that will change as I get older.

Do you want to get married: not really? And I’ve already told my mom that if I do get married and it’s up to me it is going to be at city hall because why not?

Career(s): counseling, sexology research, teaching, all of the above?

Where do you want to live: I’ve been asked this a lot since I’ve spent the last eleven months living in the U.S. and I honestly don’t know.


God: I believe in divine power but no one god

Miracles: yes

Love at first sight: no

Ghosts: hell yes

Aliens: I guess

Soul mates: ‘soul mates’ is a bad phrase but yes

Heaven: no

Hell: no

Kissing on the first date: why the hell not? Honestly, don’t get me started

Yourself: yes


Well that ended on a deep note. Feel free to follow up on any of the prompts if you want to know more. I’m an open book and have no problems with a little probing!

I don’t usually tag people but I would love to get to know some of the people I follow a little better so I tag Abby @ awreads, Louise @ geniereads, Graham @ loquaciouslyliterate, Giovanna @ bookcomablog, Carla @ wordsmalarkey, and Jesse @ booksatdawn




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