T5W: Book Theme Songs

It’s my first Top 5 Wednesday in a while but when I saw the topic I had to. I may or may not have mentioned before but music and reading go hand in hand with me. Both are ways to tell stories and stress the importance of words. I even have a feature with my friend and fellow blogger Sara called Soundtrack to My Book (which we have been ignoring) where we compose a list of songs that we feel relate to the book we’re reading.

Before I move onto my five choices I want to thank Lainey for this week’s topic because it really was a lot of fun to do and it really got me thinking. Without further ado, here are my choices for book theme songs:

Safe In My Hands by Eli Lieb + Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Eli Lieb’s Safe In My Hands was used back in 2014 as the theme song for insurance company Allstate’s #OutHoldingHands campaign. As the title suggests, the song tells the story of a person who, at first, is dogged by a negative self view but finds comfort and safety in their partner. Furthermore, the song was written with LGBT undertones that further allow it to fit in with the story of Aristotle and Dante.

Personal by Jessie J + The Archived by Victoria Schwab

Personal is one of my favourite songs off of Jessie J’s second album. The song mirrors the perspective of the protagonist of The Archived, Mackenzie, as she realises her feelings for the boy in her building and how they influence how much of herself she willingly shares. Because of the nature of the song I found it highly applicable to both The Archived and its sequel, The Unbound.

Meteor Shower by Owl City + The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Meteor Shower is a very unique song but that’s what you get from an artist like Adam Young/Owl City. The song is made up of a single verse and chorus but they just fit in with Vin and her development throughout the first two books of the Mistborn/The Final Empire trilogy. In the song Young sings ‘I am not my own For I have been made new/ Please don’t let me go I desperately need you.’ These two lines reflect so strongly on Vin and Kelsier’s relationship as friends, as teacher and student, and as father and daughter (which isn’t canon but it’s implied). If Vin weren’t such a hardass I’m sure she would cry if you played this and told her to think about Kelsier.

Oh Canada by Missy Higgins + Hounded by Kevin Hearne

This is more of a thematic comparison than the previous books. In February 2016, Missy Higgins released her song Oh Canada inspired by three-year old Alan Kurdi whose body was found washed up on a beach in Turkey in September 2015. Higgins was overcome by such emotion that she wrote and released the song, told from the father’s perspective, of being chased and seeking refuge. This theme is found in Hearne’s urban fantasy book Hounded as the protagonist, Atticus, is chased over centuries by an Irish god. In the novel however, we meet Atticus after he has fled Ireland and already settled safely in a town in Arizona, unfortunately unlike Alan.

Let It Out by Frances + Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Let It Out, like Oh Canada, is a song that has a lot of emotional significance to me and so I associate it with death. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to associate it with the Morgan Rhodes’ Falling Kingdoms series. [SPOILERS] I associate this book with my favourite of the protagonists, Cleo, who just got the short end of the stick. Her sister was ill with a mysterious disease and eventually died, she fell in love with a soldier who was killed, and her father, the king, was killed protecting her. Her storyline in this book was just so unfortunate that the lyrics speak for themselves: ‘It’s a pretty rare happiness that we know And a pretty cold sadness if it goes’ or ‘I feel your tears in my eyes Looking out, waiting for a chance To break.’

And now, the red tape.

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