Discussion: Platinum End ch. 3 | Tsugumi Ohba


Mirai’s learns more about why he’s been granted his angelic powers — there are twelve other people out there that have been granted angelic powers of their own. All thirteen are supposed to compete to see who will become the next god. Mirai’s already gotten a glimpse of two candidates. What will the others be like? (Source: Amazon)

Platinum End keeps on impressing me. At first this chapter was a little lackluster with its emphasis on the events of chapter two, but once it was over it regained its likability.

In this chapter we see Candidate #3, who we only know as Metropoliman, as he publicly announces war on the eleven remaining Candidates. Mirai, desperate to stay alive after having survived his suicide attempt from chapter one, then asks Nasse to remove his wings and arrows and essentially removing the target from his back. But, plot twist, Mirai’s life in its current form is linked to his wings and arrows so if they disappear he will die. I can’t say I’m surprised by this aspect of the story. Otherwise, the Candidates would be able to do as they please with the angel abilities before relinquishing them along with any responsibility for their actions. Therefore, linking the Candidates’ lives with their angelic abilities holds them responsible for anything that they do with them.

The second interesting thing to happen in this chapter was some more world building on the concept of angels and their ranks. Special-rank angels have access to wings and both arrows while first-rank angels have wings and red arrows, and second-rank angels have to choose between red arrows and their wings. And of the thirteen angels participating in the game, three are special-rank. But, an angel’s rank can be changed during the game. How is still unclear but something tells me this ranking system will become key later on.

Finally, we were introduced to the Candidate #4: Saki Hanakago, Mirai’s childhood friend and crush. And her angel who remains unnamed but seems to fit the quick witted and sadistic trope that is so popular in manga. Unfortunately, the reveal was made as she plunged one of her arrows, the colour still unclear, into Mirai’s chest. Is Saki the final special-rank Candidate? Or is she covering her bases by using a red arrow on him in an attempt to prevent him from attacking her and build up her own defenses? All questions I hope we get answers to in the next chapter.


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