February 2016 Wrap Up

I read three books in February. While it might not be much compared to other bloggers this is an achievement for me so I’m celebrating with a wrap-up:


Karneval Omnibus vol. 1 (Karneval #1) by Touya Mikagami


I really wish there was something more that happened in this volume. Everything I speculated from my First Impressions post was dealt with so I commend the author on good plotting, even if the delivery was a little off. The volume did end on a cliffhanger so I would like to see how the current story arc ends, but I’m really in no rush.

Rating: ☆☆☆

The Faust Act (The Wicked + the Divine #1) by Kieron Gillen


This was definitely an interesting graphic novel. I loved the art and the way the panels flowed. But there were times where the story was a bit difficult to follow. I do feel like this was because of the lack of world building and proper explanation about some of the Gods. Will read volume 2 soon.

Rating: ☆☆☆

A Madness So Discrete by Mindy McGinnis


I was really pumped up to read this one. In fact, it was my suggestion for my monthly read along with Sara and Abby. But, it just didn’t work for me. Sara agreed to an extent, but Abby was enthralled. It just wasn’t what I expected it to be, so I’m leaving it incomplete. The plus side was that I liked McGinnis’ writing. There were some really lovely quotes in what I read of this one that I noted them on my Goodreads. I have McGinnis’ other book Not A Drop to Drink on my Kindle so I may give it a shot sometime.

DNF’d at p. 232

Soft rating: ☆☆


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