Discussion: Platinum End ch. 2 (Tsugumi Ohba)


Mirai’s once great life turned to hell after his family was killed in a mysterious accident. But now that an angel is on his side, things might be turning up. With his newly received angelic powers, Mirai is able to uncover the truth about his family’s death and punish the perpetrators. But can he now deal with the consequences…?


Remember when I said in my first impression that the overarching plot was hinted at? Also remember when I said that if it goes where I think it is going then I will love this series? That statement is so much truer now.

In this chapter we see Mirai three days later and still reeling from the “suicide” of his horrible aunt. Nasse suggests that he kill his uncle and cousins as a way to take back what his uncle and aunt took from him all those years ago, and in the same breath reveals a second type of Arrow available to him — white arrows, or the Arrow of Peaceful Death. These arrows are only available to special rank angels like Nasse, and are intended to help those who need it pass on quickly and painlessly, yet Nasse seems to have a different idea of those who need this assistance.

This scene further demonstrates the personalities of Mirai and Nasse as one of my favorite memes: Mirai, a cinnamon roll too pure for this world, and Nasse, who looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you. Mirai, post-suicide attempt and with a renewed (annoying) appreciation for life, refuses to harm anyone in his pursuit of a “normal happiness.” The entire time, Nasse listens to him with the sweet, yet terrifying, smile on her face then suggests he murder someone else. It feels exactly like a Puella Magi Magika Madoka situation all over again.

The other important part of the chapter for me was the introduction of the second and third God Candidates. And I group them together because of what happens near the end of the chapter which I would have enjoyed so much more if the costuming choice didn’t feel so out of place. Plotwise, I got so excited because it confirmed my expectations of the direction that the story is taking, or seems to be taking at least.

Chapter two continued with the stunning art, interesting (and terrifying) characters, and a plot that I love for its sheer entertainment, all while continuing its emphasis on the theme of “happiness” that was introduced the last time. After the events of this chapter, I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get into ch. 3 while simultaneously groaning that I’m slowly but surely catching up to its monthly release schedule. Why do all good things take forever to be released?


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