Why I Do Not Finish (DNF) Books

For some reason not finishing books is something a lot of people don’t do. They feel like it’s some sort of injustice to the book or the author. They are of the idea that once you start reading that first page you enter some cosmically binding contract that you must read until that last page.

I am not one of those people.

I read for enjoyment. So by my understanding, if I’m reading a book I don’t enjoy I will stop. It’s a simple solution. And I have always had this idea.

Whenever I force myself to keep reading a book I’m not enjoying I tend to read less and less each day until eventually, I stop wanting to read altogether. I find other ways to spend my time like Netflix or Hulu or, unfortunately, homework. Even if I do manage to finish said book, I probably ended up giving it a low rating and don’t want to read another book for fear of the potential for another disappointment.

So, I DNF books to minimize the amount of time I spend with the feelings of groaning, grumbling, rolling my eyes and more, and to maximise the amount of time I spend laughing with characters I love, fawning over my ships, and cheering on my favorite protagonists.

And so, I DNF books. And I am proud of it.


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