First Impressions: Platinum End by Tsugumi Ohba



As his classmates celebrates their middle school graduation, one student’s mind seems to be elsewhere. His name is Mirai and he has a dark secret. All humans deserve to find happiness, but Mirai may need some salvation from above in the form of an angel. (Source: Goodreads)

“Every human being is born for the sake of being happy. Every human being lives for the sake of being happier.”

I didn’t know what to expect from those opening lines, but by the time I was done with the chapter I knew they couldn’t be anything good for the rest of the series. And if you’re familiar with Ohba’s work (Death Note, Bakuman) then you know that’s a good thing for us as readers.

In this first chapter we’re introduced to two characters, the middle school student Mirai Kakehashi and the angel Nasse. Mirai reminded me a lot of Light Yagami from Ohba’s Death Note series, if only in appearance. In manner the two couldn’t be more different. Within the first few pages, Mirai attempts suicide and is stopped by the angel Nasse. She then convinces him to give her the chance to show him happiness through the power of Freedom (wings) and Love (arrows similar to Cupid’s). And although, Nasse is an angel, the manner in which she motivates Mirai is anything but angelic.

In true Ohba fashion we’re drawn in with simple yet amazing character designs and artwork, then thrown for a gruesome loop. Furthermore, we get a subtle introduction to what will be the overarching plot of the series — And if it is what I think it is, I’m going to really love this series.

In summary, previous fans of Ohba’s work will enjoy his return to the supernatural shounen genre. And given the intended plot, the series will also appeal to fans of Mirai Nikki, Btooom!, and other similar series.


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