Update: I’m a Slow Reader Again

You may have noticed, there was no November TBR. Allow me to tell you the reason behind that decision:

I didn’t read anything. Seriously.

I chose Carry The Ocean as the October book for Sara, Abby and I to read because it was interesting and less than 300 pages. Did I finish it?

… Nope.

So my TBR for November became Carry The Ocean. It is the day after Thanksgiving as I type this now, and you ask me: Have you finished CTO? To which my answer is no. But I hope to! I do have a few more days to read the remaining 25 percent (approximately 70 pages).

When that is all over I enter into what is commonly known as “Finals Week”. Finals are quickly approaching me but luckily, I’ve been performing amicably throughout the semester so my grades are looking pretty nice at the moment. So, ultimately I’m not stressing out too much. Definitely not as much as I would be for finals back home.

Once finals are over I will have a couple of days left in the US before I return home for Christmas. For the past few months I’ve had the theory that my reading will return to what it was before, either in part or wholly, once I get back to my natural habitat (for want of a better word). Since that is just a mere three weeks away, I’ve been considering what I’d like to read during December and January. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them on this post 😊

Until next time!



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