Discussion: THIS SAVAGE SONG by Victoria Schwab

So here’s the thing: I love Victoria Schwab. If you didn’t know that about me you must be new to my blog. In that case, Welcome!

Victoria Schwab has been one of my favorite authors since I read her The Archived books sometime last year. Since then, I’ve also read her recent release, A Darker Shade of Magic. I have yet to read Vicious however, which I believe is her most well known book. But this post isn’t about the past. It’s about the future.

Specifically a new Schwab release set for June 8th, 2016 called This Savage Song. Schwab’s new YA project, previously titled Monster, has been the subject of many tweets over the past few months until she started giving us more concrete info bit by excruciating bit.

First, the title. The project went from being titled Monster to something else later revealed to be This Savage Song. Then came the synopsis:

The city of Verity has been overrun with monsters, born from the worst of human evil. In North Verity, the Corsai and the Malchai run free. Under the rule of Callum Harker, the monsters kill any human who has not paid for protection. In the South, Henry Flynn hunts the monsters who cross the border into his territory, aided by the most dangerous and darkest monsters of them all—the Sunai, dark creatures who use music to steal their victim’s souls.

As one of only three Sunai in existence, August Flynn has always wanted to play a bigger role in the war between the north and the south. When the chance arises to keep an eye on Kate Harker, daughter of the leader of North Verity, August jumps on it.
When Kate discovers August’s secret, the pair find themselves running for their lives and battling monsters from both sides of the wall. As the city dissolves into chaos, it’s up to them to foster a peace between monsters and humans.

A unique, fast-paced adventure that looks at the monsters we face every day—including the monster within.

And now the cover. Revealed earlier over on the Epic Reads blog here.


What do I think? I adore it. This shade of red is actually what I had in mind for the third and final The Archived novel so I’m glad to see it still used for one of Schwab’s projects. I do have to nitpick on the title font though. It definitely wasn’t what I expected. I feel like cursive fonts lend themselves more to contemporary and romantic stories but that’s just me. Overall, the cover works and I am in love with the violin. I mean, how could I not be?

As you can see from one of Schwab’s tweets, not only is she looking forward to the release of her new project, but 2016 also sees the release of the sequel to ASDOM, A Gathering of Shadows. If you’re interested in AGOS, I refer you to my post here.

To conclude, as a Schwab fanboy, I am freaking out for next year!!



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