#FridayReads: 28th August, 2015!

As part of my attempt to reintroduce myself into blogging let’s do today’s #FridayReads!

If you are connected with me on Goodreads you may have noticed I haven’t really been reading much this month. I thought The Great Reading Slump of July was over but apparently it wasn’t. Finishing Illusive took me a while but it was really the only book I completed this month. I did try reading other things but nothing really held my attention for more than a few days leading to a few DNF’s. Fear not though. I may continue them in the future should the feeling reappear.

That being said, I started a new book today! And it’s one I’m very excited about.


I forgot which of my friends recommended me the Codex Alera series but I am sure it was more than one. And it comes highly recommended by Regan @ PeruseProject. I never saw them in local bookstores other than the final book (of course) and I didn’t want to order them online for fear of it being a stiff mass market paperback. Now that I’m living in the US I have the luxury of going to Barnes & Noble and browsing the shelves where I found a relatively floppy copy of the first book. I started it in between classes this morning and I’m definitely enjoying being in a high fantasy setting once again.

The book itself is a little over six hundred pages (637 to be exact) but I’m not worried about how long it will take me to finish. All I care about is getting back into a book.


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