[Update] The Great Reading Slump of July

How have seven months passed already? How are we in August? What?!?

It’s currently the first week of August and I’m still slowly but surely recovering from The Great Reading Slump of July or TGRSJ. What happened was simply, a huge reading slump.

July started off with me having no idea what I wanted to read. Fair enough. That happens almost every month and I still manage to get through about five or six books since I’m home on vacation. But this month was different. I read the first book of the month (More Happy Than Not) and after that had no clue what to read afterward. It was one of those books that just hit all of the right spots and made me feel completely satisfied.

Cue confusion for a few days. I tried picking up some books but didn’t really make it past the first few pages. As you can see in my July 2015 Wrap Up, I didn’t read that many things after MHTN — and two of them I DNF’d. I did manage to read one of the books I got for review and that review will be going up this Thursday (6th August).

Luckily for me, during the last week of July I was able to pick up Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones, and even though I’m only on page 99 after a few days, I have no desire to put it down. I call that a win.

Unfortunately, due to me still recovering from TGRSJ, I won’t be participating in this year’s Booktube-A-Thon. I did plan a TBR but it’s more of a “here’s what I would have been reading” thing. It was fun to see everyone’s progress last year and it will be just as much fun to see everyone’s progress this year.

Lastly, I fly out to the US in eleven days! I still have some things to collect like my new glasses and some luggage I sent to repair but all things aside, I’m so ready! I haven’t been to the US since 2006 and even then it was just a visit. Now I’m an actual student! (Even if it’s only for a year).


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