New Releases: RUN AWAY by Laura Salters

“Ignorance is bliss…until there’s blood involved”

RunAwayDrenched in blood and sitting in the sweltering interview room of a Thai police station, Kayla Finch knows that Sam, the love of her life, is dead. It doesn’t matter that there’s no body. All that blood can only mean one thing.


It isn’t the first time Kayla’s had blood on her hands. After finding her brother dead by his own hand, she tried to outrun her grief by escaping to Thailand. Heart-broken, the last thing she expected was to find love on the smoggy streets of Bangkok. But everyone Kayla loves seems to wind up dead. 

Returning home to England, Kayla is left with a barely-functioning family, a string of gruesome nightmares and the niggling feeling that nothing is as it seems. And as she confronts her brother’s suicide, she starts to suspect that something is very wrong.


Three months. Two tragedies. One connection: there’s more to both cases than anyone is willing to admit. And Kayla’s determined to uncover the truth…no matter what the cost.



RUN AWAY is Laura Salters’ debut novel and I’m super excited for it. Ever since I discovered the new adult (NA) genre, it seemed that the vast majority of the genre was strictly romance titles. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, mainly romance stories aren’t really my thing. Give me fantasy or sci fi or mystery thrillers. And now, we have just that.

RUN AWAY is about Kayla Finch who fled to Thailand after her brother’s suicide. There she meets the love of her life, Sam, only to have him mysteriously disappear, leaving behind enough blood to think him dead.

In that very brief rundown alone there are a few things that pique my interest: suicide. Thailand. Murder mystery. Sign. Me. Up.

RUN AWAY is out today so if it sounds like your kind of thing, go for it. All of the links to purchase will be down below as well as a link where you can read the first chapter. – GJA

RUN AWAY on Goodreads

Read the first chapter here

Purchase Info: Amazon UK |  Amazon US | Barnes & Noble

Author Info:

1527791_857980027588048_83709650560342184_nLaura Salters is a suspense author (represented by Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary & Media Inc) from Berwick-upon-Tweed, the northernmost town in England. Her debut novel, RUN AWAY, will be published by HarperCollins (Witness Impulse) on May 19. When Laura isn’t writing, reading or thinking about writing or reading, she’s a music lover (and terrible singer), pet cuddler, beach-goer, runner (*cough* jogger), passionate foodie, caffeine addict, tennis player, lipstick wearer, Harry Potter fangirl (yes, still), housework dodger and relentless chatterbox.

Laura Salters on twitter



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