March 2015 TBR!

A new month. The month of spring and the time when Pisces make way for their hot-blooded neighbours Aries. To me it also means the downhill part of my semester. Midterms, group projects and final papers galore! As a result my TBR this month is pretty mild, consisting of bare necessities or things I’m really excited for.

This month you’ll also see the addition of graphic novels to my reading habits. And since we’re already a week in I’ve finished a couple of these and would like to make them more of a permanent thing.

Ignite MeUnravel MeUNRAVEL ME & IGNITE ME by Tahereh Mafi

The second and third books in the Shatter Me trilogy. Will this I’ll be closing off Juliette’s story and finally seeing what all that fuss last year was about. I’ve actually already finished Unravel Me and I just started Ignite Me last night. I hope it continues the way it is right now. I definitely like so far.

InsurgentINSURGENT by Veronica Roth

I re-read Divergent in January and should continue the series because that’s kind of the idea of a series. Honestly speaking though, this is my lowest priority read this month. The only ‘urgency’ is because the movie comes out on March 20th and I’m sure my friend is going to want to go see it.

The JewelTHE JEWEL by Amy Ewing

Ever since I saw the cover reveal for the sequel, The White Rose, on Epic Reads I’ve been slightly obsessed with this series. Not obsessed obsessed, but you know what I mean. It’s been on my mind. I even did a post on my tumblr about it [link].

Naturally I picked it up when I saw it in the bookstore and I hope to read this when I’m done with Ignite Me.


Runaways (2004) by Brian Vaughn

Young Avengers (2005) by Allen Heinberg

Young Avengers (2013) by Kieron Gillen

Ms Marvel (2014) by G. Willow Wilson

Saga by Brian Vaughn

Until next time,


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