Reading Slumps

Reading slump (noun): a period of time during which a person has difficulty reading or getting involved in a book.

At least that’s my definition of a reading slump. And it’s how I feel right now.

Reading slumps are like the reading equivalent of a writer’s block. No matter what you do or which book you pick up you just can’t get into it. And it sucks. We’re never really sure what causes it either. Sometimes you have an idea or some clue to the cause but you can never really pinpoint it.

In my case I know what caused it.

This semester has been really hectic for me so far. Each week brings new stress and the pressure keeps building and building. Weekly readings, assignments, projects and papers to write. And even then, I never get through it all. And now to add to the pressure, I chose to start reading The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. A 740 page book.

While I love the Mistborn series (just like everyone else) I found the second book to be much slower than the first. And so far, the third seems to be following that trend.

Reading is a method of exploration, yes. But at the same time, I get a sense of accomplishment when I finish a book. I’ve been reading THOA for about three weeks now and I’m not even halfway through. Instead of a sense of accomplishment, it’s been doing the opposite. At this point, I’m grasping for straws so I’m going to try listening to the audiobook. If that doesn’t work though, I’ll end up putting it on hold. At least until my finals are over in April.

I did manage to break myself out for a bit while reading the first two books in the Naturals trilogy and Shutter but once I was done with those and I doubted my momentum, I slid right back into my slump. Knowing myself, what I need is something that I can finish with a few days of commitment. The only problem is… what is it?


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