#FridayReads: 23rd Jan, 2015!

Good day everyone! It’s Friday 23rd January, 2015 and that means it’s time for #FridayReads.

Inked / Eric SmithI’m currently reading Inked by Eric Smith. Inked is a high fantasy story set in a world where people go through ‘Inking’ when they turn eighteen. During the Inking process the individual is tattooed using magic ink where the tattoo determines the individual’s place in society; flowers for herbalists, fruit and trees for farmers, metals for smiths. Our protagonist, Caenum, does not want his Ink because he wants to live how he sees fit rather than live a life chosen by his Ink.

Sadly, Inked is only available as an ebook and I’m pretty much burned out on ebooks at the moment so I’m reading pretty slowly. To act as a buffer, I may pick up Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones.

Illusive tells the story of a young girl who can change her appearance at will after she teams up with a group of criminals to pull off a robbery. I’ve been wanting to read a superpower book for a while now and what better than antiheroes? If I do pick this up it may be later today or sometime this weekend. If not, it will probably be my next read.


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